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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Academy Award and other Red Carpet Makeup

It's no secret that I love a good red carpet. I love watching the fashion as it goes strolling by, and I will forever hear Joan Rivers in my mind as I sit on the couch popcorn in hand to watch. I genuinely care about the  fashion and fantastic gowns, but  as you've probably already guessed, I'm watching to see the makeup! 

Red Carpet looks bring us back to our makeup roots (so to speak)! In the days where Instagram and  social media how to and DIY-ers have influenced the overkill contour and dramatic looks, I love turning to the red carpet for classic Hollywood glamour.

The '80s happen to be trending in beauty for 2017, and we love how Bell took the trend to the red carpet. Her voluminous, side-swept hair gives a nod to the era without looking stiff (the key is to use a mousse from this century).
Take for instance, Kristen Bell and Kerry Washington on the Red Carpet for the 2017 Golden Globes. How amazing do they look? The best part about these great looks, is that all of us average Joe spectators in the audience can translate these looks so effortlessly into our daily lives! We can copy these trends ourselves.This is real makeup, people! These are the trends you'll purchase and use every day! 

With that said, for a little fun on the blog today, I've created this red carpet worthy look below. A link to products will be provided. Thanks to the model Emily, for being a good sport. Should you want to see the tutorial, head on over to my YouTube channel. It will be posted soon after. 

 Products Used: 

I hope to get the tutorial up for this look ASAP on my YouTube Channel: ! We had a lot of fun making the video. It is my first video, brought to you by many requests from friends and clients, so it's a new to me. Like the said in the 90s be kind rewind. LOL

Here's to the Oscar's, may your film win!