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Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Makeup Bridal Trial

Even though wedding season just "ended" on New Year's Eve for me, I'm already beginning the "pre-work" for my 2018 bridal season by meeting with my clients for their trial runs. I thought about some questions I am frequently asked about this experience, and thought I would provide a little insight to the process, and what you as the reader can expect during your trial run. 

When  you begin the search to find the right artist for your wedding day, I highly recommend connecting with an artist who is willing to do a trial run with you prior to making your decision. Most professionals I know offer this service, and are happy to meet with you to discuss your needs and vision board for your wedding day.


What Should I Do To Prepare?

  • Most artists are willing to come to you for your trial run. If  you have asked the artist to come to your home, try to accommodate the session by finding a room with the most natural lighting available. Make sure you let the artist know of any areas that they can on cannot place items on top of, or any areas that might be off limits to shoes.
  • Have a clean fresh no makeup face to begin your trial. Your artist will need to see your skin at its most bare in order to make professionally educated decisions about the types of products that would be most beneficial to creating your look.
  • Have images of you on a normal day with makeup, as well as a day where you attended an event and had a bit of a "dressed up" makeup look. This may aide your artist in determining some of your makeup preferences, so they can most closely replicate your look for you on your wedding day.
  • Have a Pinterest board? Feel free to show the artist images, but keep in mind that all face shapes and features are not identical. Your artist can make a look that is similar, but not always identical, especially when some effects are lighting and photoshop image fixes.
  • Do Use the trial before any engagement photos, if you have enough time prior. It will let you see how your look is going to photograph.
  • Do not be afraid to ask your artist questions about their work history. Keep in mind length of time is not necessary equivalent to skill, but it does help to know they have experience in your industry. 
  • Do not assume your artist will know exactly what you want if you do not speak up. This is your day. Do not be afraid to be a specific as you possibly can. We are always eager to make  you feel wonderful
  • DO not wear a full face of makeup and ask the artist to work around it. The artist cannot make specific recommendations using their kit, when your face has other unknown cosmetics taking up real estate on your face. It's just makeup! If for some reason you don't like what the artist does, you can always wash it off later.
  • Do not have so many people around for the trial that it is distracting to you and your artist. Family members are welcome, but try to really limit their input if it is overwhelming to you or  not really in line with your true desires. This is your day! 
  • Try not to have  children to hold in your lap during your session. We are miracle workers on many fronts, but a squirming kid is almost always an eyeliner mess up waiting to happen ;). Of course we understand emergencies etc., but it would be best to ask someone to watch them during your trial, or be available to hold them during. ( not always necessary, but definitely something to consider)
  • Do not pick a crazy off the wall look that will "date" your wedding. Wedding makeup should be timeless and classic. You can of course do this if you would like, but also remember that fashion choices can date us, so picking a timeless look will add a splash of youth to your photos of your wedding day that will be preserved forever.
What Happens During My Trial?

During the trial, your artist should ask you specific questions about your skin, skincare, and makeup habits. Do not feel like  they are trying to be invasive when they ask if you have issues with oil or acne, they are just trying to determine the best products to use when they complete a look. They want this look to work just as much if not more than you do! 

During your session, the artist will walk through the steps to creating a full face look similar to the look you are looking for on your wedding day. Your artist should talk with you about products they are using, and why they have selected them. They should be professional and polite, and most of all they should use this time to build a rapport with you. Who wants to work with someone who is cold and stale? Makeup is as much about personality as it is anything else!

When your artist completes the look, he or she will then ask you to  take look and provide feedback. If you feel the liner is too dark, or the blush shade is not what you had hoped, do not be afraid to speak up. We cannot fix what we do not know about! Chances are the professional has a quick fix to meet your needs. Little changes and adjustments are par for the course. If you decide to go from. simple beauty look to a dramatic look that is on the other end of the spectrum however, its is advisable to ask for another trial to complete a run thru of that additional look for comparison. Don't worry, your artist will know which category this is for you. 

Once you have agreed upon the look the artist may ask if it is okay to take a picture of you. This will allow to them to save down the look for their calendars. Additionally, they will have a chance at this time to write down any products they have used, in the event you want to purchase from them for future makeup needs, as well as to make sure he/she is fully stocked the day of your wedding with everything needed to complete your selected look.

At this point, most artists will go over their service contract and their expectations in order to reserve a date for you and accept your business. You may love the look so much you want to sign and pay right then and there, or you may want to wear the look for a few hours, and that is completely fine. Just make sure you understand your artist's expectations, so that you do not think your date is reserved when in fact it is not. Most artists require a service contract to be signed, and a deposit made, in order to reserve your spot. This is just a safety measure in the business for them. Although you are completely trustworthy, they have to protect themselves from clients who will book, and then ghost, which costs the artist from taking on another wedding of the same date and a missing out on income. With that said, as soon as you can get your signed contract and deposit back to the artist, the better. 

Trial is over, I booked, now what?

Once you have completed your trial, you'll definitely want to keep in contact with the artist. Make sure to include them on any timelines for the event day. If you have a wedding planner, make sure your artist and their contact information is given to them. They can take care of updating timelines etc., for you up until the big day. If you have any questions for your artist, do not hesitate to reach out and let them know. Many do not realize, but some of the cost of hiring a professional is their time! Many of us include email and client communications into your bridal rate! They are usually more than happy to speak with you about any concerns or questions. 

SMILE! you've done work to find someone you love! Sit back and relax and know that your day is going to be amazing.